Warranty Information

15 Years Commercial Warranty by, Alumatech Manufacturing Inc.

Warranty is valid from the date of purchase to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase and pictures are required. All Alumatech Manufacturing Inc. products are designed for commercial use in a public setting. Warranty is void if used otherwise. All warranty work is prorated and limited. Warranties during the first full year will be covered 100% including freight.

15 year limited warranty on the frames from the original date of purchases. If your frame fails structurally during normal use and regular maintenance, Alumatech Manufacturing Inc. will repair or replace with the same product at no charge. This includes parts and labor during the first year.

7 year limited warranty against cracking, peeling, and blistering if the finish is maintained by weekly cleaning and quarterly waxing. In addition the glide replacement is a necessary function in maintaining the furniture and should be accomplished on a regular basis, or more frequently, depending on the level of usage. Alumatech recommends a quarterly inspection of the glides to insure maximum longevity of your frame and finish. These glides are available from Alumatech Manufacturing Inc.

7 year limited warranty on Alumatech Manufacturing Inc. 100% virgin vinyl against breakage. This applies to breakage only not color changes. If a strap breaks in the first year Alumatech Manufacturing Inc. will supply a replacement strap, shipping included.

1 year limited warranty on the fabrics and workmanship of slings and umbrellas from one year. Fabrics are constructed of various types of yarns and various numbers of yarns in the warp and fill. Such variations in construction result in variations in sag and sag recovery which are specifically excluded from this warranty. Acrylic and fiberglass table tops are warranted against breaking, bowing or warping, acrylic tops with holes are excluded.

Swivel Mech Parts are covered for 1 year against manufacturers’ defects only.


o Freight damage.
o Plastic or nylon parts.
o Stains or discoloration of vinyl straps.
o Any shipping costs regarding the Alumatech Manufacturing Inc. Warranty after one year.
o Failure caused by unreasonable or abusive use.
o Bursting or cracking of frames caused by freezing temperatures.
o Failure caused by neglecting to provide proper care and maintenance, which includes cleaning with a mild detergent monthly, rinsed and dried thoroughly.
o Scratching or chipping of the powder coat finish, caused due to abuse. Some touch-up colors are available from Alumatech Manufacturing Inc.
o Damage caused by fire or acts of nature.
o Normal fading of furniture.
o Furniture submerged in pool water.
o Sling distortion, sagging and sag recovery.
o Blistering due to salt air, Alumatech Manufacturing Inc. recommends additional cleaning and waxing of the furniture in seaside applications.

Made in the USA